Peter J Downey  ... LinkedIn

n  Principal Consultant, PD4 Engineering, 2012-Present ... specializing in highly configurable, Systems-based Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

n  Growth through Technical, People, Consulting Leadership in Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics

n  25 years in leading Aerospace, 2 years leading Collaborative Industry Research & Development, 25 years in Automotive and Commercial PLM



n  BS Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, University of Notre Dame

Career Summary:

n  Industrial and Systems Engineering, McDonnell-Douglas Corp (MDC now Boeing) 1967-1982

Recognized Industry firsts in world's largest Distributed Numerical Control Shop ... now GKN St. Louis and still world's largest

Manufacturing Fabrication and Assembly Line automation for still active Boeing F-15, F-18, AV-8B Military Programs

Design-Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) Interface for internally developed systems, and transition planning to commercial Siemens PLM

n  MDC Proposal Manager and Program Manager of US Air Force Product Definition Data Interface (PDDI) 1982-1984

Foundation for Global STEP Data Standards and initial Siemens Teamcenter ... marrying Business and Technical Product Lifecycle Structures

This was a foundation program for Boeing Phantomworks with my co-leader, Burt Birchfield as later Phantomworks leader

Recognized as most successful US Air Force ICAM Program with innovative of multi-company Industry Review Board

n  VP of Technology, CAM-I 1984-1986

Transition from CAM-I Board Member to lead Industry Collaborative Research and Development for 100 of Global 500 Companies

Working with Industry best and brightest on Product Development technologies that formed foundation for today's Design-Build Lifecycle

Geometric Modeling, Sculptured Surfaces, Process Planning, Robotics, Factory Management, Advanced Technical Planning, Industry EducationP

n  VP of Technology, CAM-I 1984-1986

n Manager, Product Development Systems, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Advanced Systems Division 1986-1990

Lead team of 200 people and Chaired Multicompany Northrop, Boeing, Vought, GE, Hughes Product Data Support Systems (PDSS) Change Board

B-2 Stealth Bomber was the first to fly without physical Masters or Mockups ... followed by Northrop/MDC YF-23 ...Boeing partner 777 ... Boeing/Northrop F-18E/F

THROUGHPUT SAVINGS ... 3 years and $3 Billion through elimination of Physical Masters, Mockups, and Prototypes.

n Enterprise Consultant, EDS an HP Company, 1990-1997

Chief Architect for EDS/General Motors leading introduction of commercial Siemens PLM, and development of STEP-based Product Lifecycle Data Model, 1990-1997

n Commercial Product Lifecycle Management, 1998-2003

Sherpa Corp. Director Industry Solutions ... Introduced Product Lifecycle Management for Systems-based Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics Customers

Solution Consultant and Customer Migration in Sherpa merger with SDRC, 2000

Director Solution Delivery Methods in SDRC merger w EDS/UGS, now Siemens Product Lifecycle Management, 2001-2003

Enterprise Architect Consultant to General Motors, Enterprise Flow of Model-Option-Variants, and FAST Soft Parts Projects 2007-2012